A Little Bit About Hanli

I am a former National champion in Cross Country in South Africa and had the honour of representing my country in the World Cross Country Championships. My journey in sports, however, was not without its challenges. Multiple injuries and battles with RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) sparked a deep interest in understanding the intricate interplay between sport, performance, and nutrition.

In 2020, I successfully completed my undergraduate studies Cum Laude, earning a Bsc in Dietetics from the North West University in South Africa. Following my undergraduate studies, I embarked on a transformative academic journey at the University of Cape Town while working full-time in a rural hospital in Mpumalanga. 

Initially pursuing a Masters degree, my research interests evolved, ultimately leading to my Masters being upgraded into a PhD program in 2022. My focus revolves around adolescent athlete nutrition, with a particular emphasis on the integration of knowledge, attitudes and practices in young athletes and on evaluating the safety and efficacy of sports nutrition supplements for this demographic.

I am proud to share that I am a co-author of a forthcoming systematic review titled "Longitudinal relationship between adolescents’ mental health, energy balance-related behaviour (EBRB) and anthropometric changes," which has garnered acceptance for publication in the esteemed journal, Obesity Reviews.

In 2022, I established Health Elevation Nutrition, a practice that offers both virtual and in-person sports dietetics services. Through this endeavour, I have had the privilege of assisting athletes across all levels - from novices to national-level competitors - in elevating their health and optimising their performance.

In 2023, alongside my role at Health Elevation Nutrition, I hold the position of a dedicated research coordinator at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa. Within this role, I actively engage in a range of national and international projects.

I am a contributor to the Co-Create initiative, a collaborative endeavour uniting World Cancer Research Fund International with 13 additional research and advocacy organisations. Together, our aim is to formulate, educate on, and advocate for evidence-based policies targeting the prevention of obesity, particularly among young individuals.

Additionally, I contribute to the Western Cape on Wellness Initiative, a project dedicated to advancing health, reducing disparities, and fostering social inclusivity and unity. Our joint efforts are directed towards establishing nurturing environments that promote enduring healthy lifestyle choices across the entire lifespan.

You can find Hanli's website here: https://healthelevationnutrition.com/

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