My Experience With The Titan Strongman Log (2024 Review)

January 15, 2024

If you want to grow your numbers on log press and have a little cash left over, the Rackabale Titan Log is the best move for you.

I've had mine for two years, and it has had some weight on it and still performs as it did when I first used it. 

Key Features Of The Titan Rackable Strongman Log




50 lb – 84 lb


71.25”, 74.4”, 80.3”


8”, 10”, 12”

Handle Diameter

42 mm (1.65")



Sleeve Length

10”, 14”

Construction Material


Weight Capacity

1000 lbs


  • Durable Steel Construction: The Titan Strongman Log is crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring durability, stability, and longevity. This robust construction means it can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions and heavy use.
  • Extremely Affordable: The Titan Strongman Log offers exceptional value for money compared to other strength training equipment.
  • Versatility in Starting Positions: This equipment allows you to start from the ground or the rack.
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Exercises: Beyond traditional log lifts, it's versatile enough for various exercises such as presses, cleans, jerks, and rows.


  • Vulnerability of Paint Coating: The paint coating on the Titan Strongman Log is prone to scratching and wear over time with regular use, especially in a gym environment where it may come into contact with other equipment or rough surfaces.
  • Risk of Bending from Treetopping: Treetopping is a term that describes the log being dropped on its ends and can cause bending or warping. This type of damage can compromise the structural integrity of the log, affecting its balance and potentially making it unsafe for use.




Load Capacity

Titan Rackable Strongman Log

Titan Strongman Log Review


Titan Log Review

The Titan Rackable Strongman Log is a testament to solid construction and durability and is welded together like a tank. 

This comparison is fitting given its heavy-duty welding and assembly, which ensures that all its parts are securely joined.

Such construction minimizes the risk of structural weaknesses or breakages. It's crafted from high-grade steel and is built to endure. Mine has been through the wringer and is still in top condition.


They offer 8", 10", and 12" barrel sizes to better suit the individual buyer's needs. I went with the 12" as most competitions typically have this for male competitors.

The bigger the barrel, the bigger the challenge. The length starts at 71.25" and goes to 80.3" for the 12" barrel.

This is a bit more compact than wooden logs, which helps build stability through the press.


Titan Log Construction And Coating

This flat black coating gives the log a sleek and professional appearance, aligning with the rugged aesthetic often associated with strongman training equipment.

However, this type of paint finish can be prone to chipping, especially in areas that undergo frequent contact or friction.

For instance, the sleeves of the log, which are regularly loaded with weights, may show signs of wear more quickly than other parts.

Further, if you're wearing a lever belt, you may want to pull the lever to the hip to avoid scratching your log.

The paint chips off fast on the sleeves, but it's strongman. Do they really need to be pretty?


Titan Strongman Log Handles Knurling

The handles are 42mm in diameter, striking a balance between a substantial grip for effective lifting while still being manageable for most hand sizes.

This diameter is particularly important in strongman training, where a secure and comfortable grip is essential for exercises like log presses and cleans, with many competition logs having similar handle diameters.

The medium knurling on the handles is sufficient to enhance grip, reducing the likelihood of slippage during lifts.

Yet, it's not overly aggressive to the point of being uncomfortable or causing excessive wear on the hands.

The spacing of the handles is another aspect where the Titan Strongman Log shows its versatility.

With spacing options ranging between 23.75 to 26 inches, depending on the barrel size you choose, the log can accommodate different user preferences and body sizes.

Additionally, the cutouts for the handles are large, allowing lifters of all sizes, including those with larger arms, to comfortably and safely position their hands and forearms.


Titan Strongman Log Durability

The durability of the Titan Strongman Log is a standout feature, mainly attributable to its robust construction and the quality of materials used in its manufacturing.

I've had mine for two years with weekly use, and it is still in excellent condition. However, I don't drop my log without crash pads, which helps preserve its condition.

At the core of its durability is the solid steel construction.

Steel is known for its strength and resilience and is the ideal material for such high-intensity training equipment.

It ensures that the log can withstand the substantial weights and the rigorous nature of strongman training exercises.

The choice of steel contributes to the log's ability to handle heavy loads and its longevity, making it a long-term investment for any strongman athlete or gym.


Titan Rackable Strongman Log

This rackable log is unique to Titan. There is space created between the barrel and sleeve that allows you to rack the log.

A standard log does not allow you to rack it because the plates are flush with the barrel.

By making a rackable log, you can train the full movement of lapping and cleaning the log onto your chest or walk up and focus on the press.

Pressing from a racked position creates its challenges that train different pinch points in your press.


The ability to support up to 1000 lbs means the log can accommodate a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced athletes.

It allows for considerable growth in strength and skill level without the need to upgrade to a more robust log.

I've had upwards of 250 lbs on this log and have had no issues.


Coming in at $289.99, this is the best bang for your buck. Other companies charge you at an upwards of $600-$700+. It comes with a 1yr warranty, or you can purchase a 2yr or 3yr warranty for $38.99

My Experience Using The Titan Strongman Log

I've been extremely happy with my Titan Rackable Log. I use my log once or twice a week, depending on the program, and I have been using mine for 2 years.

I suggest it to anyone trying to build onto their gym and purchase strongman gear.

This log maxes out at 85 lbs stripped, which makes it a great beginner log for new strongman enthusiasts or even your average person trying to build a bigger overhead press. Titan is based in Texas and made in America.

Who Should Use The Titan Strongman Log

Strongman Athletes

Strongman Log Titan

The Titan Strongman Log is particularly well-suited for strongman athletes, both seasoned competitors and those new to the sport.

Given the prominence of log events in competitions

, it is almost necessary for strongman competitors. These events are a staple in strongman contests and often involve lifting a log overhead.

Training with equipment that closely resembles what one would encounter in a competition is crucial for success.

Titan Log’s overall length and handle spacing are comparable to most steel logs used in competitions, providing a realistic training experience.

This similarity in dimensions allows athletes to develop the specific techniques and muscle memory needed for these events, ensuring they are well-prepared for competition day.

Moreover, for athletes new to strongman, the Titan Log offers an accessible entry point into the sport.

Garage Gym Owner

Titan Strongman Log

The Titan Strongman Log is an excellent addition for garage gym owners, especially for general lifters looking to diversify their workout routines, build upper body strength, and do so cost-effectively.

For the garage gym owner, space and budget are often key considerations. The Titan Strongman Log addresses both of these concerns effectively.

Its design, while robust and durable, does not take up excessive space, making it suitable for a home gym environment where space might be limited. Additionally, its affordability is a significant advantage.

Compared to other pieces of specialized strength training equipment, which can be quite pricey, the Titan Log offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising quality or functionality.

From a training perspective, the log provides a unique challenge compared to traditional barbells and dumbbells.

It's particularly effective for building upper body strength, given its use in exercises like log presses and cleans.

These movements engage a broad spectrum of muscle groups in the upper body, including the shoulders, chest, arms, and upper back, providing a comprehensive workout.

Titan Strongman Log Alternatives


Having had the opportunity to extensively use and test the LB-3 Rogue 12" Log Bar, I've been deeply impressed by its exceptional design and performance.

Made in the USA, this log bar is a standout equipment in the strongman training world.

It’s made from 11-gauge steel and feels solid and durable, easily handling the rigors of heavy and repeated use.

The log bar's total length of 80.75 inches is much longer than the Titan log, yet it doesn't feel unwieldy.

Instead, its size contributes to a more authentic strongman training experience, closely mimicking the dimensions of logs used in professional competitions.

The black powder coat finish is not just about aesthetics; it provides a better grip during the clean, reducing the chances of slippage and enhancing safety.

Unloaded, it weighs more than 130 pounds. This heft makes it a serious tool for strength training – not for the faint-hearted, but perfect for those looking to seriously challenge themselves.

The solid round steel sleeves, measuring 14.25” long, accommodate Olympic plates and can bring the log's weight capacity well over 1,000 pounds.

Valor Fitness Strongman Log

The OB-Log-8 and OB-Log-10, each with unique dimensions, cater to different training needs while maintaining a high standard of quality and durability.

Constructed from high-quality steel and finished with a black powder coat, these log bars are strong and resilient. The OB-Log-8, measuring 72.25 inches in length, and the OB-Log-10, slightly longer at 72.75 inches, offer a robust feel during use.

This durability is especially reassuring, considering these logs have been battle-tested in Strongman competitions in Florida.

The OB-Log-8 has a 7.5-inch grip, and the OB-Log-10’s grip is 9.5 inches long, both ideally placed for comfort and efficiency.

The 24.4-inch spacing between the grips allows for a comfortable, natural grip, which I've found to be a game-changer in my training sessions.

The removable sleeves on the OB-Log-8 and OB-Log-10 are a feature that I find incredibly useful.

This adaptability is great for those new to Strongman training, allowing users to focus on perfecting their technique before progressing to heavier weights.

Comfort is key in any lifting equipment, and Valor Fitness has nailed this with the smooth rubber edges and wide opening of the log bars.

These features ensure comfort and safety during lifts, essential when dealing with heavy weights.

A crucial point to remember is that these logs are not meant to be dropped directly on the floor.

The recommendation to use crash mats, safety pads, or tires for dropping is important, especially with a maximum weight load of 500 pounds.


In short, the Titan Rackable Log is a great purchase. It's not overly priced and durable, leaving you extra money to buy more equipment. Add this to your strongman collection and watch your overhead press numbers soar.

Titan Rackable Strongman Log

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Matthew has been weight training for most of his life. He's actively been competing in strongman for the last 2 years. After blowing his first competition out of the water as novice, he quickly joined the open class and competed in the LW men's category. He qualified for Strongman Nationals in two weight categories in his first year and placed 25th in the nation.

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