Best Weightlifting Straps (2024)

March 10, 2021

We’ve all used uncomfortable Weightlifting straps which is why you’re browsing for a new pair. Or maybe you’ve just started Weightlifting and realized you need a pair for your heavy pulls.

I have you covered with a breakdown of the absolute best Weightlifting straps for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

The strap requirements for Weightlifting differs compared to other strength sports or general fitness. Most importantly, Weightlifting straps must have the ability to quickly release as if you miss a lift, you must be able to let go to avoid injury.

Further, they must be thin so your hand is close to the barbell and soft so they can easily be wrapped around the barbell. So without further or do, here are my top Weightlifting straps for Olympic Weightlifting.

Best Weightlifting Straps

Runner Up Best Weightlifting Straps

Special Mention Weightlifting Straps



Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps

Spud Inc Straps

Warm Body Cold Mind Straps



Woven Nylon





Not Specified






Single Loop

Single Loop

Single Loop


These weightlifting straps are our number one choice. They are made of soft cotton exactly the same as my current Weightlifting straps I am using. These types of straps are my preferred style.

Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps are made of cotton so they have superior grip against the bar compared to nylon or leather. However, this generally comes at a cost of durability where these cotton straps will eventually wear out and tear. 

This takes many years though especially if you aren’t training full time so while there is a durability trade-off, it shouldn’t worry or affect your training.

Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps are actually lasso style straps. If you’ve read our how to use lifting straps article, you’ll know I don’t recommend lasso straps for Weightlifting as they don’t release quickly from the barbell when you drop it which can potentially cause injury.

However, lasso straps that don’t have a sealed loop, meaning it can be un looped into a straight line, make the perfect single loop straps. Our preferred style of strap for Olympic Weightlifting.

Most single loop straps have a tail that is too short. This makes it really awkward when trying to set up for snatches or heavy pulls as you never really feel secured to the bar.

Lasso straps that are made into single loop straps have a longer tail so you can be securely strapped to the barbell while still having the benefit of having a quick release.

These straps are also very thin. Thicker straps are not beneficial for Weightlifting as they add more space between your hands and the barbell which reduces the feedback you get from the barbell and makes it more difficult to grip.

Regarding their width, a 1.5” width is the sweet spot for Weightlifting straps. Thinner than this and it can feel like you’re not securely strapped to the barbell. Thicker straps can sit awkwardly on your wrist.

The final great thing about Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps is that it doesn’t have a sewn-on neoprene wrist protector. Because you’ll be using these straps as a single loop strap and not a lasso, the straps that have a neoprene protector gets in the way and you will need to remove the stitching to remove the padding.


  • Single loop for quick release
  • 100% cotton for softness and grip
  • Thin allowing close contact with the bar
  • Most cost effective


  • Not as durable as other material


These should be your number one choice when it comes to Weightlifting straps. Pure cotton straps are used by high level Olympic Weightlifters so there is no reason to go with anything different. I've been using cotton straps my whole Weightlifting career and I would recommend these over anything else.

Best Weightlifting Straps

Rogue ohio lifting straps

Runner Up Best Weightlifting Straps

Spud Inc 1.5” Wrist Straps

If you’re looking for the highest quality strap material, you can’t look any further than the Spud Inc brand. They are well known in the strength training community as having the softest, most durable straps material.

There is not one brand that I’ve ever seen replicate the type of strap material Spud Inc uses in all their products.

Spud Inc Wrist Straps are made from woven nylon. However, this isn’t like other nylon straps which are generally very stiff and can be slippery. Once they’ve been worn in, these straps are incredibly soft and feel really secure against the barbell.

They are slightly longer than the Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps giving them more of a tail to work with. But they are also slightly thicker which is what adds to the durability.

In fact, they have a lifetime guarantee where if they break while lifting, they will replace them for free which shows how well they back their straps.

In the beginning, they can feel a little stiff so they need to be worn in. Further, the branded logo may stiffen the strap too much so you may have to cut the stitching to remove it. Other than that, these are a great option for Weightlifting straps.


  • Single loop for quick release
  • No other material like this that is extra durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Best for those who aren't pure Weightlifters and like to do other strength sports


  • Thicker than cotton straps


If you want a strap where you'll never have to buy another pair again with a lifetime guarantee, then these are for you. Also, if you are not purely a Weightlifter and enjoy dabbling in other strength sports, then these straps will suit you better than pure cotton straps.

Runner Up Best Weightlifting Straps

spud inc wrist straps

Special Mention Weightlifting Straps

Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps

While I personally don’t like these kinds of straps, my husband James, co-founder of RAWR Strength loves them. He has an unbranded cotton pair of these exact straps by Weightlifter Oleksiy Torokhtiy.

These are single loop straps without having to create the loop yourself. The tail is very wide but the loop is skinnier making it very comfortable on your wrist.

They are thin enough that they provide great feel on the bar but thick enough to provide a lot of support.

They are rated to handle 300 kg so these last a very long time. Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps are made from 100% cotton so they provide great grip to the barbell and are soft and pliable around the wrist and hands.

If you prefer a strap where the loop is secure and the tail is a little wider, then these straps are perfect for you. They still allow a quick release of the barbell.


  • Single loop for quick release
  • 100% cotton
  • Loop already secured so no need to deal with making your own


  • Skinnier loop strap may cut into your hands 


James finds these straps more secure than other cotton Weightlifting straps. The wide tail makes them great for pulls. These are worth considering if you're not sure about looping your own straps.

Special Mention Weightlifting Straps

Warm body cold mind straps

Which Weightlifting Strap Material Is Best?

With so many different straps on the market, it can be difficult to choose which are right for you. Other than the strap type, you must decide what kind of material you want. Here is my opinion based on my 20 years of competitive Olympic Weightlifting experience.

Cotton is the very best you can choose. It is the softest and most comfortable to wear. It grips the barbell the tightest and feels best around the wrists. They are also generally the thinnest so you can grip the barbell tighter with your hands.

Cotton however is the least durable and can be prone to breaking. I would not worry about this as it takes years and years of consistent daily training to wear these down.

Nylon straps can sometimes feel slippery and stiff. Especially when you start sweating. Spud Inc have seemed to nail this however and their straps don’t feel like this. But other cheaper lifting straps tend to have this problem.

Leather is my least favorite out of all the materials. It is too elastic so you never get a tight fit with the bar as it stretches. They are also very uncomfortable and feel like they cut the blood off to your hands.

When Should You Replace Your Weightlifting Straps?

When you start to see your Weightlifting straps tearing towards the middle, that is when you should think about replacing them. They can still last a very long time with these tears. However, at some point, they will snap during a lift potentially sending you flying back through a wall!

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Mona is a Bronze Medalist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She has been competing Internationally for 20 years in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and has also been African Champion, Commonwealth Champion, and the youngest South African Weightlifter to compete on the International stage.

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