Can You Take Pre-Workout On A Plane?

April 12, 2022

Don’t let traveling force you to lose your gains. If you’re looking to fly, then hit the gym; taking your pre-workout on the plane will let you mix with convenience without having to unlock your heavy checked luggage as you pull out clothes on the airport floor. But can you bring pre-workout in your carry-on?

You can take pre-workout on a plane. Just be aware you may get it tested for illegal substances.

How am I so sure you can take pre-workout on a plane? I’ve done it. Many times, in fact, as explained below!

Can You Take Pre-Workout On A Plane?

You can take pre-workout on a plane, as confirmed by the website. We have also done this by experience. Mona de Lacey, the mastermind behind the Olympic Weightlifting section of Lift Big Eat Big, regularly travels internationally for her Weightlifting competitions.

Can You Take Pre-Workout In Checked Luggage

When traveling for competition, the number one rule is to take all of your most important things in your carry-on. That means Weightlifting shoes, belts, knee sleeves, singlet, and supplements. There have been occasions when checked-in luggage does not arrive on time, and if you have your important things there, you may not be able to compete.

So, we’ve taken many supplements on the plane, both in their original bottles, opened and unopened, and zip lock bags when only being away for a few days.

Think of it this way, if you were smuggling illegal substances, would they think you’re dumb enough to have it in your carry-on in plain sight? Further, they have machines at every baggage check that can quickly swab your packaging and give an illegal substance result in seconds.

Safe to say, we’ve never had any issues traveling with pre-workouts or other supplements on a plane and will continue to take them with us.

Can You Take Pre-Workout In Checked Luggage?

You can take pre-workout in checked luggage. We’ve even gone as far as to fill a suitcase with supplements from Mona’s sponsors to take back home. There were no issues doing this either.

Can You Take Creatine On A Plane Carry-On?

I understand the hesitancy regarding taking creatine on a plane. White powder in a bottle or zip lock looks suspicious. But we have taken creatine on a plane both ways (zip lock and bottle) and had no issues. Again, if they think you look suspicious, they can always swab the substance to test it.


There is no need to be worried when taking your pre-workout on the plane. There is nothing illegal about a pre-workout supplement (unless you’re buying something dodgy). Therefore, you’re fine flying with it. Plus, the TSA states that you’re ok to fly with it on their website.

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