Does Mass Gainer Make You Fat? (You’ll Be Surprised At The Answer)

July 13, 2022

Mass gainers have a reputation for making people fat. And they do exactly what they were designed to do. Help you gain mass. But will they make you fat in the process?

Mass gainers don’t make you fat unless you are consuming excess calories over your maintenance and not lifting weights.

So, how do you use a mass gainer, so you don’t get fat but instead can turn into a muscular beast or maintain your current bodyweight?

Do Mass Gainers Make You Fat?

Mass gainers don’t directly make you fat. If you are using a mass gainer and gaining significant body fat, then it is because you are ingesting too many calories over your daily maintenance. Your daily maintenance is the number of calories that maintain your current bodyweight.

When using a mass gainer to gain weight, I always advise you to use ¼ – ½ of a serving, so you don’t ingest thousands of calories in one sitting.

If you are gaining significant body fat while taking a mass gainer, reduce your serving size or stop taking it until you bring your body composition to the range you want.

Does Mass Gainer Increase Belly Fat?

Does Mass Gainer Increase Belly Fat

Mass gainers can’t increase fat in a particular part of the body. In fact, no specific food will make you gain fat in a particular area.

So, mass gainer does not directly increase belly fat. However, if you genetically store body fat around your belly before other parts of your body, you will increase belly fat if you gain significant fat mass.

Does Mass Gainer Make Your Face Fat?

Mass gainer does not make your face fat. If you put on a lot of body weight, your face will store some body fat and look bigger and rounder. But that is not caused by mass gainers. Instead, it’s caused by excess calorie consumption leading to the body storing this excess energy as fat.

How Do You Take Mass Gainer And Not Gain Fat?

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Taking mass gainer without gaining fat is a simple math formula. The goal is to consume 200-300 calories over your maintenance each day, so you gain weight slowly. Doing so will ensure weight gain is predominantly from muscle mass, not fat mass.

Therefore, if what you eat daily is maintaining your current bodyweight, having a 200-300 calorie serving of mass gainer each day will ensure a minimal gain in fat. The other thing you need to do is lift weights to build muscle.

Lifting weights will stimulate new proteins to be built, so as you gain weight, most of that weight can be muscle mass.

Is Mass Gainer Good For Fat Guys?

As a fat guy or larger individual, you should not use mass gainers for their primary purpose of gaining weight, as mass gainers are calorie bombs. However, fat guys can use mass gainer as a meal replacement option, especially if they have a busy schedule.


Mass gainers do not make you fat, but they have the potential to make you fat if you are consuming excessive calories over your maintenance. Mass gainers make drinking excess calories easy, which is often why they are thought to make you fat. Read the nutrition label and make sure you’re only taking 200-300 calories extra daily and not drinking a 1000-calorie bomb.

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