Eleiko Sport Training Plates Review (2024)

June 20, 2023

Eleiko are known as the crème de la crème of Weightlifting equipment. This means a hefty price tag accompanies their equipment reflecting the ultra-high-quality.

But recently, they've started catering to the home gym owner who doesn't want to mortgage their house to kit their gym and still has quality equipment that doesn't need replacing.

The Eleiko Sport Training Plates are the answer by marrying high quality bumper plates at a better price.

  • Cheaper than Eleiko IWF bumper plates while maintaining quality.
  • Minimal bounce, so they won't fly off blocks.
  • Tight tolerances for weight and diameter.
  • Available in kgs and lbs for Weightlifters or CrossFitters.


  • More expensive than other bumper plate brands.

Eleiko Sport Training Plates

Eleiko Sport Training Plates Review


Eleiko Sport Training Plates Review

Eleiko manufactures their Sport Training Plates from damage and deformation-resistant robust rubber. They have no smell, don’t bounce much, and are durable.

Many other brands use urethane to reach the same quality, which is typically more expensive and harder, potentially causing damage to the flooring under your platform with long-term use.

While these aren’t as durable as their Eleiko IWF Training Plates, they are much greater quality than competitors’ bumper plates.

Center Hole

Center holes that use rings eventually break with extended use. That’s why Eleiko plates last so long. The Sport Training plates use a vulcanized metal hub inset into the plate. It means it can’t come loose like rings do.

Their center hole measures 50.5 mm, which is standard for Olympic bumper plates.

Diameter & Thickness

Eleiko Sport Training Plates are the standard 450 mm in diameter, like all standard plates. They are the same dimensions as the IWF plates, as you can see in my picture below:

Eleiko Sport Training Plate vs IWF Training Plate

Here’s the exact thickness for each plate:

  • 10 kg = 35 mm (1.38”)
  • 15 kg = 39 mm (1.53”)
  • 20 kg = 50 mm (1.97”)
  • 25 kg = 58 mm (2.28”)

These have the same thickness as their IWF Training Plates translating to loading 215 kg on a women’s bar and 290 kg on a men’s bar.

Weight Tolerance

Lower weight and diameter tolerance means a better calibrated and higher quality plate. Eleiko Sport Training Plates aren't calibrated to the same accuracy as the IWF plates, but that's because they aren't designed for competition.

Instead, they are designed for home or athletic use. The center hole diameter, plate diameter, and weight have a ± 2% tolerance. Lower-quality plates typically have > ± 2% tolerance for comparison.


The Shore Durometer Rating determines bumper plate bounce. It's a scale ranging from 65 to 100, with lower numbers indicating a softer plate with more bounce and a higher number indicating a harder plate with less bounce.

Shore Durometer Rating

Eleiko Sport Training Plates have a durometer rating of 92 – 93, meaning they have very little bounce. I tested this for myself and dropped 20 kg bumper plates on soft rubber. You can see very little bounce, even on a bouncy platform.

This is great for lifting off blocks so they don’t bounce off them and damage your barbell.


The Eleiko Sport Training Plates are $120 cheaper per plate than the IWF Training Plates, making them more affordable than their top-tier bumper plates. Based on their 20 kg and 45 lb plate, their cost per kg and lb are $12.05/kg and $5.35/lb.


Eleiko offers a shorter warranty period for their Sport Training Plates since they aren't made to the same standard as their IWF competition and training plates hence the lower price. They have a 3-year warranty instead of 10.

Who Are Eleiko Sport Training Plates For?

While competitive Weightlifters can use Sport Training plates to prepare for competition, they aren’t designed for this audience.

Instead, the athlete strength training for other sports or the garage gym owner strength training at home is the target audience for these plates.

These are for serious lifters who want the best equipment and know it’s a long-term investment that won’t need replacing.

If you're looking for equipment to use at home occasionally to "get a good workout," it probably isn't worth spending the money on high-quality plates like this.

Frequently Asked Eleiko Sport Training Plates Questions

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Why Are Sport Training Plates So Expensive?

While they aren’t made to the same standard as the IWF Training Plates, they are still made with Eleiko’s proprietary bumper plate manufacturing with the same care. You’re paying for expert craftsmanship that has been refined for decades.

Are Eleiko Plates Made In China Or Sweden?

Eleiko plates are made in Sweden. Most companies import bumper plates from China and slap their logo on them. It's why Eleiko is considered one of the top bumper plate brands.


If you’re building your home gym and looking for bumper plates to invest in, these are my top recommendation if you’re not a serious competitive Weightlifter. These can be used for all strength exercises, including the Olympic lifts.

If you’re doing CrossFit, you can touch and go reps without worrying about ruining your plates, bar, and platform.

Eleiko Sport Training Plates

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