Eleiko vs Rehband Knee Sleeves: Which One Is Best?

March 31, 2021

Eleiko vs Rehband. So, you’re not sure which knee sleeve brand is best. Eleiko has a strong brand behind them in the sport of Weightlifting. They are well known for their superior quality barbells. Rehband on the other hand are well known for their quality support products such as knee sleeves.

Eleiko and Rehband knee sleeves are very similar in their material and function. However, Rehband knee sleeves are much more comfortable and durable due to their stitching placement and technique.

Has Eleiko carried their superior workmanship to their lifting accessories or is Rehband still the go-to knee sleeve?

Eleiko vs Rehband Material

Both knee sleeves are neoprene-based. Rehband are made from 70% SBR foam rubber and 30% neoprene rubber. Eleiko doesn't state what the exact proportions of material their knee sleeves are made from but based on touching both, it seems Eleiko knee sleeves are made from the same material.

This is great for both knee sleeves. Our knee sleeves have been used for over 3 years each consistently and they haven’t lost their stiffness so the material is of great quality in both sleeves.



Eleiko vs Rehband Stability

Both sleeves are 7mm thick which is the standard for a neoprene knee sleeve. This thickness provides the greatest support and stability for the knees when squatting or performing the Olympic lifts.

Mona uses her Rehband 7mm knee sleeves every Weightlifting session because of the great support and stability they provide.

Both Eleiko and Rehband knee sleeves are the same length so cover the knee from the bottom of the quadriceps to the muscle belly of the calf.



Eleiko vs Rehband Comfort & Fit

This is where I feel the Eleiko and Rehband sleeves separate in regards to their comparison. Firstly, both knee sleeves slide down throughout a training session. This is normal for all knee sleeves so it isn’t something you should worry about regarding fit.

However, one big difference between the Eleiko and Rehband knee sleeves is the comfort. Take a look at how each knee sleeve brand is stitched at the back.

Eleiko knee sleeves have the stitching straight down the middle. The Rehband knee sleeves have stitching that goes around either side at the back of the knee. Further, the stitching on the Eleiko sleeve is very hard and rough. The Rehband stitching is a little softer.

When feeling the point where the stitching connects to the bottom of the knee sleeve, the Eleiko knee sleeves have a hard protruding point. Whereas the Rehband knee sleeves have a softer connection that doesn't stick out so much.

I can feel this difference in stitching when wearing the Eleiko knee sleeves. The hard stitching and protruding point where the stitching connects digs into the back of my calves and knees which is annoyingly painful when wearing them.

This hard stitching carries into the seams around the bottom of the sleeve. It is rough and hard and leaves heavy indents in my skin after taking them off.

The Rehband knee sleeves have a much softer stitching around the bottom and the way it is designed, the stitching doesn’t stick out making them much more comfortable.



Eleiko vs Rehband Durability

Similar to comfort, the Rehband seems to outrank the Eleiko knee sleeves for durability based on our experience. But not by much.

My Eleiko knee sleeves have some of the stitching come loose. However, where it did come loose doesn’t affect the stiffness of the sleeve making it a bit of a non-event.

The way Rehband knee sleeves are stitched is much different to the Eleiko and in my opinion, better quality leading to slightly longer durability. Mona, co-founder of RAWR Strength, has been using her Rehband knee sleeves for 3+ years while training and competing internationally.

They’ve shown no visible wear and tear or changes in their function. My Eleiko knee sleeves also haven’t changed their function. Only the loose stitching on the back.



Eleiko vs Rehband Sizing

Unfortunately, Eleiko does not provide a sizing chart. They only give the size. Rehband on the other hand provides a sizing chart that is true to size.

  • XXS: 29 – 31 cm
  • XS: 31 – 33 cm
  • S: 33 – 35 cm
  • M: 35 – 37 cm
  • L: 37 – 40 cm
  • XL: 40 – 43 cm
  • XXL: 43 – 46 cm

To get these measurements, measure 10 cm below your knee cap then take the circumference of your calf. Mona did this and found that the sizing was correct.

If you fall between two different sizes (e.g. calf circumference of 40 cm), then you will need to decide if you want your knee sleeve to fit slightly tighter or slightly looser.

I took my calf measurement and compared it to my Eleiko knee sleeve size. My calf circumference is 39 cm and my Eleiko knee sleeve size is large. Based on that, I would go by the same sizing chart as Rehband as they both have the tapered fit.



Eleiko vs Rehband Price

It’s no secret that Rehband knee sleeves are the most expensive on the market. The price for one sleeve is often the price for a pair of most other brands.

This rings true in this case where the price of a pair of Eleiko knee sleeves costs $50 whereas Rehband knee sleeves will set you back $100.

It’s important to note that Rehband knee sleeves are sold in singles, not pairs. So, if you do go for Rehbands, then make sure you buy two!

While Rehband knee sleeves are double the price, they are much more comfortable than the Eleiko sleeves and are transparent about their sizing so you know you will be getting a sleeve that fits properly.

Further, you won’t be replacing your Rehband knee sleeves probably ever whereas the Eleiko may start to come apart or just become too uncomfortable to wear regularly.



Eleiko vs Rehband Knee Sleeves

The Rehband knee sleeves win this one purely on their comfort. The Eleiko knee sleeves are rough and uncomfortable with the way they are stitched and the positioning of the stitching.

Rehband, while more expensive, have nailed their design to provide you with the most comfortable knee sleeve while providing amazing stability and support.

Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeves

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