Article written by Alanna Casey (3x World Strongwoman Champion) All of my life I have wanted to be the best at something, anything. Growing up I discovered that I was above average at just about everything I attempted; sports, academics, and social integration all came fairly easy to me. However, in all of these categories […]

Article written by Jessica Evans Compulsive exercise. A keen awareness of calories and intake. Hyper aware of nutrient content of food. This list could be describing a fitness minded person or a person struggling with an eating disorder. Trade calorie counting for macro tracking and the switch from having an eating disorder to having a […]

I have been doing this for four years now, and while I am nowhere near an expert, I have gotten some coaching experience under my belt, especially when it comes to working with beginners. Beginners are my specialty, and I have learned a lot about the human psyche. In particular, I have learned much about […]

Article written by Travis Jewett I travel to a lot of gyms and talk to a lot of coaches and athletes. As a part of the MobilityWOD staff and the CrossFit Mobility Seminar staff I get asked all sorts of questions regarding exercise performance and selection. As someone who has been putting a bar on […]