We expect this to ruffle some feathers, but we think it’s a topic that needs airing. Read, share, discuss… Like it or not, this is an industry based on appearance. Physiques are judged on looks (even if they win by strength on the platform). And a good before-and-after “transformation” photo can open doors. Instagram and the fitness […]

The substantive purpose of this article is to demonstrate the importance regarding the habits formed during the so-called “warm-up” sets. Any source of variation introduced during this period will ultimately detract from an athlete’s ability to perform following increases in weight-loads. From a long-term perspective, fixing these habits can be the differences between either the […]

Rack pulls are a fantastic assistance lift for building up the deadlift lockout, as well as a training tool for Strongman competitors who perform raised deadlifts in competitions, such as deadlifts with hummer tires or wagon wheels. However, there are a few ways that different athletes perform rack pulls, and this article will make a […]

The substantive purpose of this article is to demonstrate that the utilization of external quantitative-based comparisons in the formation of goals or objectives will only serve to demotivate the athlete: these comparisons will, in most cases, lead to underperformance over time. It will be logically demonstrated that, instead, only short-term internal comparisons will result in […]

Instagram might be full of 20-something fit chicks. But a growing number of older women are discovering a love of strength sports. Are you one of them?  Despite what social media would have you believe, not every woman who lifts is under the age of 30. I’m 38 (39 in a few months, actually). Yet people […]