Article written by Joe Nissim New Year! New You! This is going to be the year where I drink less, eat better, get rid of the jelly rolls, and make more money. First things first, detox. I need to get this crap out of my system. The week between Christmas and New Years […]

In my never-ending journey of self-analysis, I have decided to film a video, in which I review my own coaching services. I think it’s very important, both as a business owner and coach, to know what you are good at, and more importantly, what you are bad at, in order to round yourself out. In […]

Have you put on weight training for strength sport? If you’re struggling, read this. Strength sports come with plenty of challenges for women. And we don’t mean training and dieting. Prioritizing strength and size still goes against so many cultural expectations for females. It might be 2016, but if you’re a big, strong, physical female, […]

  Ladies & Gentleman, Let’s get ready to RUMMBBLLEE!! Tonight we are going to talk about the evil and awful high fructose corn syrup and the less evil, but still evil, sugar.       In the left corner,  dressed in white and ready to be put in your coffee is SUGARRRRRR. In the right […]