There seems to be a trend among new athletes, and even intermediate athletes, that they feel they shouldn’t yet be proud of their accomplishments. They feel as though, once they reach a certain number or weight, THEN they can be happy with their progress. The problem with this, of course, is that you will NEVER […]

This past week I wrote an assertive email to the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) president. I was disgusted by what seemed to me, to be a very bad judging call at an Australian Junior Nationals powerlifting meet. To my surprise, the IPF president wrote me back. I decided to write this article after our conversation. […]

Article written by Addison Turney I’m an Information Systems Technician for the Navy, which means I spend about 12 hours every single day sitting in front of a computer, and if your job is anything like mine, you spend a good portion of your day doing pretty much the same. In fact you are likely […]

Warmup Specificity: Why It Matters It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; quality repetition of almost any activity will yield success down the road. Yes? Okay, glad we can agree on that. Moving along… A warmup is designed to activate and prime the necessary movers to complete the given task at hand for that workout. I […]

Confidence can be a tricky thing: on one hand, you won’t go too far in your sport, or life in general, without a good dose of confidence. On the other hand, too much confidence can land you in some seriously hot water. I will preface this post by stating that it will undoubtedly rub some […]