Is now the right time for you to go all-in for bodybuilding prep? LBEB helps you work it out… “Wow, you look great! When are you going to compete?” It’s a question every woman in semi-decent shape has heard at least once. And it’s becoming more common. As bodybuilding contests grow more popular, you’re like […]

Article written by Rachelle Reinking Athletes are ambitious people. As an athlete, you’re always setting new goals to better yourself, whether it’s for a competition or your own personal satisfaction. Having goals keeps you motivated and gives your training purpose. You decide that you’re going to hit new PR on deadlift. Oh, and you’ll shave […]

Article written by Rachelle Reinking No matter what sport you compete in, hard work and discipline are essential to your success. You carve time out of your busy schedule for training sessions. You meal prep to ensure you don’t stray from nutritional goals. You check the scale to see how close you are to dropping […]

Article written by Justin Fisher It has been a week to the day since the 2016 United States Strongman Nationals competition. My body is tired, sore, and beat up. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. June 11th will be a day I will never forget.  I had been training for Nationals since after […]

  I was lucky enough to start weight training at a fairly young age.  Of course with starting young, I had no clue what I was doing, other than what I read out of bodybuilding magazines.  With starting young I made so many mistakes, but with mistakes I was able to learn what worked, and […]