The sport of strongman requires strength, power, and even conditioning.  Training heavy events year round is a sure way to get really beat up, and sacrifice your recovery.  After my last big show of the year I generally take 2 months off or so to let my body recover, and just get stronger on the […]

Article written by Chris Branam This article will build upon the science and techniques introduced in my first article. The trapezius muscle or “traps” conjures images of a neck guarded by thick bands of muscles on either side. The kind of “no neck” look that some people work for through countless shrugs.     However, […]

Article written by Josh Mac I had thought about it all week.  It had been a steady climb and I was on a roll.  I was going to pull a PR the next day.  I had the momentum, I had the grip, and I had the rugged good looks. Hell, based on last week’s max […]

I have done seven Strongman shows in the past two 18 months, and I was starting to get a little burnt out of the lifts, not that I didn’t enjoy them, I just felt that I needed a little change of scenery for a few months. I discussed doing a Powerlifting meet with my coach, […]

Article written by Josh Mac Have you ever tried to explain that you train to compete in powerlifting, strongman, oly lifting, or crossfit to someone who doesn’t lift, run, jog, walk fast or otherwise exert any effort beyond blinking and mouth breathing?  It’s tough!  Besides knowing someone who lifted more than me who was younger […]