Every few weeks, I will receive an email, comment, or if I’m lucky, a message from a blocked sender, that accuses LBEB of being a brand that promotes the acceptance of “Health At Every Size”, or HAES. HAES, as the name suggests, is a newer movement that aims to promote the idea that health and […]

When it comes to weak, or “sticking” points on a deadlift, the overwhelming majority of athletes fall into two categories: 1. Weak off the floor. This generally means that getting the bar off the floor will be the most difficult part of the lift for the athlete. For me personally, if the bar leaves the […]

Article written by Davis “Knuckles” Libbey As a Former Marine and current Contractor who has served in various roles in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I have spent a lot of time ensuring my team-mates and I were in optimal physical condition for our mission set. Whether it was developing the conditioning for long range and […]

Kettlebells are generally something that get laughed at by powerlifters and Strong(wo)man competitors alike. However, kettlebells used correctly can be a vital tool to any lifter. When I originally started my gym, my main clientele were interested in fat loss. I thought kettlebells were fairly useless, and anything you can do with a kettlebell you […]

There seems to be a lot of myth and confusion surrounding the topic of muscle when it comes to women. I’d like to take a minute to clear that up. The number one reason I hear from women, pertaining to why they don’t lift weights, is because they are afraid of getting “too big.” Every […]