Kettlebells are generally something that get laughed at by powerlifters and Strong(wo)man competitors alike. However, kettlebells used correctly can be a vital tool to any lifter. When I originally started my gym, my main clientele were interested in fat loss. I thought kettlebells were fairly useless, and anything you can do with a kettlebell you […]

There seems to be a lot of myth and confusion surrounding the topic of muscle when it comes to women. I’d like to take a minute to clear that up. The number one reason I hear from women, pertaining to why they don’t lift weights, is because they are afraid of getting “too big.” Every […]

Article written by Matthew Ibrahim Here’s What You Need to Know: Self-traction techniques can be absolute game-changers in your training. Learn how to protect your spine to increase your lifts. Even those who work 9-5 desk jobs are able to use daily routines to eliminate back pain. All it takes is a little bit of […]

Article written by Megan Gallagher I’ve been playing around with Zercher squats a lot lately and I put together a tutorial showing how to setup and some tips and tricks I use. Here’s the video Mostly people are curious about what would possess someone to attempt these so here’s my favorite reasons to zercher: Force an […]

First, flipping a tire is absolutely not performed like a sumo deadlift. Placing the entire stress of the lift on your biceps is a great way to tear them, I have seen someone tear both at the same time on a tire flip with that technique. Instead, place hands outside legs, similar to a snatch grip, […]