Exercise Addiction (It’s a thing). Now, I know what some of you are probably thinking: “exercise addiction is just a thing that lazy people say about people who appreciate lifting.” Well, here is a competitive Strongman who is saying it as well. In my personal experience, exercise addiction is something I see most in […]

Common misconceptions about training for adolescents get slapped down by science. Article written by Alexis Bennett Misconceptions, misinformation, controversy, and a heap of misunderstanding have kept more than a few young bodies out of the weight room and away from strength training programs for the last, well, almost ever. Yet, the availability of soccer and […]

I have written quite a bit about deadlifting, so it’s no surprise that it’s my favorite lift.  It’s also a lift I coach nearly every day while working with competitive strong(wo)man, and powerlifters.  Here is a list of 42 cues I use to coach the deadlift.  When deadlifting for strength, keep your reps in the […]

What Is Alpha?


Article written by Josh Mac Top dog, big man, number one, head honcho, ALPHA MALE… that’s what we’re all trying to be here, right?  We want to be the biggest, strongest, scariest, most hardcore, bad-ass fishy in the pond, the scourge of barbells everywhere and the most wanted male in three counties.  Does that sound […]