Article written by Josh Mac. I grew up in a household of bad backs.  My mother’s was from a car accident years before I was born.  She used to always tell me “take care of your back, you only get one.”  My father’s was from the manual labor of loading and driving big rigs.  His […]

As you might have noticed, things look a little different around here. Since we started in 2011, we’ve become the premier spot for athletes, coaches, trainers, and people of all fitness levels to get actual researched-based information on everything relating to fitness, nutrition, recovery, and strength. And we’ve only wanted to get bigger from there. […]

 Article written by Josh Mac There’s a red hot debate going on in forums and on social media as of late. Does merely lifting weights or training events make you a “powerlifter,” “strongman,” or “strength athlete” if you do not compete?   It’s not so much a debate as it is both sides screaming their opinion […]