Nutrition Made Simple


Most folks who have competed as a strength athlete or a bodybuilder know a thing or two about nutrition.  Like most of you out there, I have tried just about every diet there is to see what works best for me.  Bodybuilding, I must say is more simple, as strength is not an issue, only […]

Article written by Lindsay Chichester The connection between food and agriculture is a natural fit. However, the majority of food eaters have never been on a farm or ranch and are increasingly suspicious of how their food is grown and raised. This article will highlight some of the common myths and discuss why they are […]

For the past year, I have intensely been teaching my clients about the dangers of wasted energy and wasted reps on their strength movements. What I will do in my new “Wasted Energy” series is outline how you can better approach your PR attempts, as well as training sets, by getting rid of all the […]

Article written by Michael White   As summer comes to an end, and the fall begins, many people find themselves going back to college and back into a bulking phase. If you’re like me, you’re far away from home, stuck to a meal plan, and stuck on campus. Most serious strength athletes are accustomed to […]

If you have been paying attention to any of my cooking videos over the past few months, there is a good chance that Kenji was the inspiration for them. I am very honored to be able to interview one of my cooking heroes, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. […]