Squat Assistance Work


I have added these back into my training program: single leg barbell step ups.  Jill Mills first put them in my programming a few years ago and they are harder then they look (although I feel like I was making them look pretty challenging, lol). The height of the step a total reps is more […]

Article written by Bill Fantegrossi To most red-blooded Americans, caffeine is a blessed sacrament. In prior generations it fueled our righteous assaults against the Nazi hordes, the Imperial Japanese, and the great red menace. Today it energizes our men and women currently bringing infinite justice to various terrorist death cults in assorted hellholes overseas. Indeed, […]

Last time on the Beginner Questions series, we tackled some questions from the LBEB Facebook page, to better assist beginner lifters who may have questions on topics that the rest of us have now taken for granted. This week, we continue the series with five more questions, asked to us via our Facebook page. 1. For […]

Article written by Josh Mac. I grew up in a household of bad backs.  My mother’s was from a car accident years before I was born.  She used to always tell me “take care of your back, you only get one.”  My father’s was from the manual labor of loading and driving big rigs.  His […]