Article written by Chris Branam Finishing up this series on upper back and neck pain brings me to the deepest of the neck muscles: the multifidi and rotatores. Rather than being one large band of muscle spanning two points like the sternocleidomastoid, there are dozens of multifidi and rotatores running between each vertebra for the […]

Article written by Danny Takacs What is it the ideal performance state? Walter Payton is widely regarded as one of the best running backs to ever play in the NFL. With 16,726 rushing yards and over 100 total touchdowns it’s easy to see why. Known for his dazzling stutter-steps and crushing stiff-arms, Payton amazed audiences […]

The majority of athletes program for themselves. Sometimes this is a great thing, and sometimes it means that the athlete is cutting themselves short. I’d like to go over a few mistakes to avoid when programming for yourself.  The following seem to be common mindsets that will actually limit the development of an athlete. Do […]

(And 1 thing that turned it around) Article written by Josh Mac I was more ready for this meet than I was for any other meet before it.  I had planned out everything, I had a great meet prep, peaking program, and great planned attempts.  I felt stronger than ever.  I knew what total I […]