Article written by Justin Fisher It has been a week to the day since the 2016 United States Strongman Nationals competition. My body is tired, sore, and beat up. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. June 11th will be a day I will never forget.  I had been training for Nationals since after […]

  I was lucky enough to start weight training at a fairly young age.  Of course with starting young, I had no clue what I was doing, other than what I read out of bodybuilding magazines.  With starting young I made so many mistakes, but with mistakes I was able to learn what worked, and […]

Is there ever an easy way to ask someone if their fitness goals are masking something worrying? What came first; the chicken, or the egg (white)?  A large number of women who take part in physique-judged sports display disordered eating. But does physique sport trigger the disordered eating? Or does it attract people with latent […]

On the face of it, getting fitter is great. But when exercise gets out of hand, can it become just one more addiction? You’ve had a tough day at work. You can feel stress clawing at your nerves. You need to do something to calm yourself, find some way to redirect that negative energy. Other […]

The substantive purpose of this article is to demonstrate the importance of an athlete’s understanding regarding the nature of their training program. Similar to machines, training programs are designed with an implicit set of conditions required for their successful operation: choosing the right training program involves understanding both the conditions necessary for success as well […]