First, flipping a tire is absolutely not performed like a sumo deadlift. Placing the entire stress of the lift on your biceps is a great way to tear them, I have seen someone tear both at the same time on a tire flip with that technique. Instead, place hands outside legs, similar to a snatch grip, […]

Article written by Kevin Becker “Ultimately, a man is challenged and bettered by facing any task that exceeds his current abilities. Some choose big stones. Others drive past or traverse such challenges…pity.”-Steve Jeck This was my first time attempting to be well above my weight class and perform a hard water cut and rehydrate before […]

Article written by Josh Mac I used to frequent my local chain big box supplement store a lot during my up and comings.  I was a bright eyed teen with the natural test levels of an equine and a clean slate upon which to build some pretty impressive cleavage.  Throwing the glass door wide to […]

It is getting increasingly tiresome to see an endless stream of men and women complaining that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate our strength sports, and that, if we are lucky, we might see our sports on ESPN3. When was the last time you watched a water polo tournament, an equestrian competition, or an […]

I’ll start out by stating that my best raw competition squat (no wraps) was 386 lbs. That was at RAW Unity in 2014, at 158lbs body weight.  It’s not the best in the word but, it’s pretty decent. I used to hate the squat. It was my least favorite lift, mainly because I wasn’t that […]