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Get Big

How To Get Big Legs

How To Get Big Legs (Fast!): Ultimate Guide

There's nothing worse than the guy walking around with a massive upper

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How To Get Bigger Biceps

How To Get Bigger Biceps (Fast!): The Ultimate Guide

When you first hit the gym, what was the first muscle you

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How To Build A Bigger Butt

How To Get A Bigger Butt (Build Huge Glutes!)

MC Hammer was ahead of his time. Big butts are in fashion

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How To Get Wider Shoulders

How To Get Wider Shoulders (Best Exercises & Workout)

The most effective way to overhaul your physique is by creating width.

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How To Get A Wide Back

6 Secrets To Get A Wide Back (Exercises & Workout)

Back development often eludes the average lifter. You can’t see it in

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How To Get A Bigger Chest

How To Get A Bigger Chest (Best Exercises & Workout)

“No pecs, no sex," as they’d say. But many people get their

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Strength Equipment Reviews

Iron Neck Review

Iron Neck 3.0 Review: Better Than 2.0? (2024)

The Iron Neck is my favorite neck training device on the market.

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Best Barbell For Home Gym

Best Barbell For Home Gym (2024)

The barbell is one of three big investments you should make for

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Best Bumper Plates

Best Bumper Plates (2024) Home Gym, CrossFit, & More!

There are three pieces of gym equipment you should splash out for

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Best Neck Harness

Best Neck Harness (2024) – Rid Pencil Neck Syndrome

You’ll often find the lonely neck harness in the box of attachments

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Best Women's Barbell

Best Women’s Barbells (2024) – Reviewed By Professional Female Weightlifter

I've been a professional Weightlifter competing internationally for 22 years. I've lifted

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Best Budget Barbell

8 Best Budget Barbells (2024) – Cheap, High-Quality Bars

My home gym rule of thumb is to spend on premium barbells,

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Lift Big

Eccentric Muscle Exercises

Eccentric Exercise: Unlock Your Potential

Do you know those people in the gym that perform every exercise

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Is Glute Activation Necessary

Is Glute Activation Necessary? (It’s Not)

The prevailing theory is that your glutes are “asleep” and need to

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Muscle Mommy

The Ultimate Muscle Mommy Workout

Muscle Mommy describes mothers dedicated to fitness and maintaining a muscular physique.

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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction Training (Complete Guide)

Blood flow restriction training is a relatively new method for building slabs

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Isometrics For Strength & Hypertrophy

Isometrics For Strength & Hypertrophy (Exercise Examples)

What if I told you, you could get bigger, stronger, with healthier

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Plyometric Benefits

8 Science-Backed Plyometric Benefits (& Disadvantages)

Plyometrics are often confused with jumping. However, true plyometrics, as defined by

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Best Weight Gain Supplements For Skinny Women

Best Weight Gain Supplements For Skinny Women

Lift Big Eat Big is not just for the male lifter looking

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Is Creatine A Steroid

Is Creatine A Steroid? (Here’s Why Not)

If you are an athlete pursuing enhanced physical performance and muscle development,

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Best Pre Workout For Beginners

6 Best Pre-Workouts For Beginners (& 2 To Avoid): Scientifically Proven (2024)

Ever need that kick up the butt to get you intensely focused

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Are BCAAs Worth It

Are BCAAs Worth It? (They’re Not)

The worst mistake a beginner lifter can make is to walk into

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Best Creatine For Beginners

Best Creatine For Beginners: Bought & Tested (2024)

Navigating the creatine landscape as a beginner is like walking through a

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Best Weight Gain Supplements For Skinny Guys

Best Weight Gain Supplements For Skinny Guys (2024) With No Side Effects!

I was once a skinny guy. Weighing all of 63 kg (135

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Olympic Weightlifting

Best Shoes For Weightlifting

Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes (2024 Edition)

So, you're after a new pair of Olympic Weightlifting shoes, and you

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How Do Olympic Weightlifters Train

How Do Olympic Weightlifters Train? (Example From International Weightlifter)

You might have seen some Weightlifters on YouTube hitting big numbers! Or

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Clean Warm-Up Complex

Clean Warm-Up Complex: The Best Clean Warm-Up

As the clean is a full body exercise, warming up the whole

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Front Rack Mobility

Fix Your Front Rack Mobility With These 11 Exercises!

We’ve all been there. Trying to rack the bar on our shoulders

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How To Snatch

How To Snatch: Complete Technique Guide

The snatch is an impressive sight to watch as the smooth, effortless

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Power Clean

Power Clean: The Ultimate Guide With Video

The power clean is probably the most used Olympic lift in all

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Keg Toss

Strongman Keg Toss: Technique By World’s Strongest Man Competitor (Weight, Height, World Record)

Keg toss is one of my favorite events in Strongman. It is

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Strongman vs Bodybuilder

Strongman vs. Bodybuilder: Main Differences

Comparing a strongman and a bodybuilder may seem like they possess the

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Yoke Walk

Yoke Walk: Learn From A WSM Competitor!

The yoke walk is one of the most grueling events in strongman,

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How To Become A Strongman

How To Become A Strongman (Amateur Or Professional!)

Growing up, I was always a fan of superhero comics and professional

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Sandbag Carry

Sandbag Carry (Technique From WSM Competitor)

Carrying heavy objects for distance or speed is a key to strongman

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Strongman Conditioning

Strongman Conditioning: Modern Day Cardio For Strongman

In my opinion, strongman is the greatest strength sport. To be a

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Protein Absorption Myth

Protein Absorption Myth: 20-30g Or More?

So, you’ve got your parents, significant other, and gym-bros telling you you

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How Much Protein To Grow Glutes

How Much Protein Should You Eat To Grow Your Glutes?

It's booty season. Everyone wants a perky butt to act as a

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Fasted Cardio Myth

Is Fasted Cardio A Myth?

To eat or not to eat: isn’t that always the question? Well

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Lift Big Eat Big was started in May 2011 as a source for athletes, coaches, and trainers to get researched-based information on all topics relating to fitness, nutrition, recovery, strength and mass gains.

The website seeks to dispel myths that often are spread via disreputable sources, as well as offer a different perspective on fitness and nutrition methods that are known to be trusted.

Using peer-reviewed research, credible studies & sources as well as my own personal knowledge, my goal is for Lift Big Eat Big to be the premier source of material designed to increase human performance.

Using new studies, old school methods, and timeless knowledge about fitness and nutrition, I have tasked myself with dispelling the social injustices that plague the fitness industry – an industry designed to keep women on the treadmills and men building their glamor muscles.

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