Lift Big Eat Big, already a leading name in the fitness and strength sports industry has now acquired Good Times CrossFit to further bolster its position as the premier name in the fitness business. This acquisition took place on January 28th, 2023.

What Did Good Times CrossFit Do?

Good Times CrossFit

Good Times CrossFit was a CrossFit gym based in Camino, California owned by Eric & Cristin Botsford. Eric and Cristin are veterans in the sport of CrossFit and athletic pursuits. Cristin is a mother, chef, and coach. Eric has 7+ years of Firefighting experience, has been hosting CrossFit competitions since 2009, and is an MC for Tough Mudder events.

Eric is also a fitness TV celebrity being the CBS Sports announcer for Tough Mudder.

What Does Lift Big Eat Big Do?

Since 2011, Lift Big Eat Big has been a definitive resource for lifters from all walks of life. We cover everything from gaining muscle, lifting heavy things, the sport of Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit.

Lift Big Eat Big was founded by Brandon Morrison who was a competitive Strongman athlete and professional coach. Since August 2021, Lift Big Eat Big has been purchased by James de Lacey, professional strength & conditioning coach with a Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science. And run with the help of professional Olympic Weightlifter, CrossFit Games athlete, and karate world champion Mona de Lacey.

Lift Big Eat Big has a team of professional coaches and athletes including World’s Strongest Man competitor Colm Woulfe and Powerlifting and Highland Games champion Ed Cosner.

Why CrossFit?

Lift Big Eat Big specializes in strength sports and fitness. With Mona being a professional Weightlifter and CrossFit Games athlete, it makes sense to branch into CrossFit. CrossFit is a unique sport combining Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, and gymnastics into a brutal conditioning circuit. CrossFit is a form of HIIT.

Common Weightlifting exercises in CrossFit are the power clean, hang power clean, hang clean, snatch, power snatch, hang power snatch, hang snatch, power jerk, and split jerk. Often these Olympic lifts aren’t performed on their own. They are placed within Weightlifting complexes mean you need increased work capacity to complete them.

If you want to get into CrossFit and don’t know the Olympic lifts, then starting a beginner Olympic Weightlifting program is a good place to start since they are fundamental CrossFit movements. As you get better, you’ll cycle the barbell between reps.

You will need some equipment as you make your way through Weightlifting such as Olympic Weightlifting shoes, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and hook grip tape.

Common Strongman exercises in CrossFit are the farmers walk, yoke walk, and sandbag carry. While not to the same loading as Strongman events, the exercises are performed when you’re completely exhausted.

You also have exercises used exclusively within Crossfit like the thruster.